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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

James Morrison - Songs for You Truths for Me [Deluxe Edition] 2cd (2009)

Disc 1
01.The Only Night
02. Get To You
03. You Make It Real
04. Broken Strings (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
05. On The Same Side
06. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
07. Please Don't Stop The Rain
08. Save Yourself
09. Once When I Was Little
10. Precious Love
11. If You Don't Wanna Love Me
12. Fix The World Up For You
13. Dream On Hayley
14. Love Is Hard

Disc 2
01. You Make It Real (Acoustic Version)
02. Once When I Was Little (Acoustic Version)
03. If You Don't Wanna Love Me (Acoustic Version)
04. You Give Me Something (Acoustic Version)
05. Broken Strings (Acoustic Version)
06. Wonderful World (Acoustic Version)
07. Man In The Mirror (Acoustic Version)


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