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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everybody Has A Little Secret ( Korean Movie )

Main Cast
Lee Byung-Hun
Chu Sang-Mi
Choi Ji-Woo
Kim Hyo-Jin

Year Released: 2004
Director: Hyeon-su Jang
Duration: 105 Minutes

Synopsis: Soo-hyun is a very attractive and intelligent guy. Jin-young and Sun-young who are sisters end up getting involved with Soo-hyun despite the fact that he is their younger sister’s boyfriend. These three sisters—Jin-young who’s married, Sun-young who’s na├»ve and Mi-young who’s liberal just can't help falling in love with Soo-hyun. The secrets of this tangled love story between the three sisters and Soo-hyun will eventually be revealed.

Mi-yeong, a charming vocalist working at a jazz bar, is the youngest sister of the family and is strong-will and lives a rather liberal lifestyle. She has a boyfriend Sang-il who loves her with all his heart but he’s not so appealing to her. One day, she finds Su-hyun, a guest who visits the jazz bar where she works and falls in love with him at first sight.

Seon-young who believes in platonic relationships, is the middle sister of the family and a 27 year-old virgin. One day, she meets her sister’s boyfriend, Soo-hyun and then, she felt butterflies in her stomach when she met him. She wants to have him exclusively to herself and make him her boyfriend.

Jin-Young who is already married and has one child is the eldest sister of the family. She feels bored with her marriage life because her role as wife and mother has become so routine for a long time, she wants some kind of surprise in her life. Soo-hyun, her sister’s boyfriend, becomes closer to her, which she doesn’t mind it. Instead she wonders what’s going on his mind.

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